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“Orobio” pasta, produced and distributed by Fior di Campo srl, was created from the desire to spread high quality pasta that was not just delicious, but also (and above all) healthy. In this way, after years of study and testing, we started producing “organic and mycotoxin-free” pasta, making it ideal for even the smallest children. The Fior di Campo philosophy is simple: maximum care when selecting the raw materials and along the transformation chain to obtain a product with unique characteristics.
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Our Grain

Our pasta contains only the best grain from Apulia and Basilicata that is grown using the most rigorous Biological Agriculture techniques. We decided to use only autochthonous varieties, to obtain a mix of excellent semolina for a 100% Italian organic product.
Discover the story of our pasta, from the seeds to your table.
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Our products

"All the best Organic food without mycotoxins."


produced and distributed by Fior Di Campo SRL


Registered and administrative office: Via delle Cappelle, 18/C - 70022 - Altamura | Bari | Italy - Tel: +39 080 4031309

Pasta shop: Via Gravina, 84 - 70022 - Altamura | Bari | Italy

Ambassador: Darowellness


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