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True organic farming is disciplined by EC Regulation 834/07 and EC Regulation 889/08, which define the fundamental standards to respect concerning organic production. The application of these regulations must be ensured during all the production, preparation, marketing phases. They guarantee control activities, and certify a lower environmental impact, food healthiness and the absence of GMO. Just having the word Organic in the product name or somewhere on the package is not enough: a true Organic product can be recognised by the presence of the European logo, a stylised leaf of 12 white stars on a green background, and a square that gives the identification code of the Control Organism and the controlled operator.

In the case of OROBIO Pasta, the control organism is BioAgriCert (code IT BIO007) and the operator code is Z06E.

Only if these data are present can you be sure that you are serving a true Organic product. Our pasta, in addition to being ORGANIC, has an additional value: it does not contain MYCOTOXINS.

Health and flavour

Wholesomeness, organoleptic qualities, nutritional content, hygiene-health safety: these are the basics of “organic” food, which should represent our eating principles. Organic food is the result of organic farming, where synthetic chemical substances are not used, but which instead uses integrated growing methods: this is why a high level of food safety and wholesomeness in comparison with conventional products is always guaranteed. Not just taste, but also great attention to health, above all that of young children.


Organic is Eco-Friendly

This is a different philosophy that is mirrored in farming, the yields and respect for the environment. Intensive farming strongly affects air, water and soil pollution, causing damage to biodiversity. Organic farming offers solutions to these problems through the wise and respectful use of natural resources, with farming techniques that are closer to the natural rhythms of the environment



The genetic material of certified organic products has not been modified in any way. Natural seeds that have not been altered by genetic manipulation techniques are planted, therefore they are safe for human health and the ecosystem.


100% traceable chain

Organic products are controlled along the whole production chain, from the field to the sales point. It is the consequence of a control system by independent organisms that certify application of the Standards. In this manner the food served on our tables every day is safe.



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