Our grain

The semolina used to make OROBIO Pasta by Fior di Campo is obtained from excellent quality raw materials. We only use 100% Italian hard wheat, grown in Apulia and Basilicata according to organic farming criteria that are disciplined at an EU level by EC Regulation 834/07 and EC regulation 889/08.

We only use autochthonous grain coming from the best organic farms in the land, which we selected for their high quality standards, as well as for their production and cultivation techniques.

The grain is ground in an organic mill to obtain semolina that is closely investigated as a result of certified analyses: in this manner we guarantee that the raw material has not been treated with pesticides, weed killers, chemical products and above all does not contain mycotoxins.

Only after having verified all these parameters is the semolina transformed by a master pasta-maker with great experience, following an artisanal process that includes drying at low temperature for long periods.

The chain is controlled at each phase, from growth to production, to bring an excellent quality product to your table. Contrary to the belief that local grain does not have much protein and is not suitable for making “good pasta”, Fior di Campo has produced “OROBIO”, which stays firm after cooking, maintaining its taste and quality with the additional value of certified guarantee of origin and wholesomeness.

Is 100% natural

We only use certified ingredients of natural origin that do not contain agrochemicals, weed killers, or medicinal or chemical products.


Is GMO free

We use autochthonous grain that has not been modified genetically; it is produced by farms that share the ORGANIC philosophy with us.


Respects the environment

Grain is grown following techniques that limit atmospheric and water pollution, avoiding the excessive use of natural resources and preserving the soil from erosion in respect of biodiversity.


Is mycotoxin free

Thanks to the sun and the dry climate of Apulia and Basilicata, the ears can ripen in optimal conditions without being attacked by fungi that produce the mycotoxins, responsible for intolerance and child and adult pathologies. The short production chain, which we check rigorously, guarantees product quality and healthiness.


Is quality controlled and certified

All the semolina is checked and strictly analysed to certify the absence of DON mycotoxins, aflatoxins and ochratoxins, heavy metals and any pollutant that can damage health.



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